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	  abstract     = {This article describes the implementation of an
experimental model for teaching ICT tools and digital environments
in teachers training college. In most educational systems in the
Western world, new programs were developed in order to bridge the
digital gap between teachers and students. In spite of their
achievements, these programs are limited due to several factors: The
teachers in the schools implement new methods incorporating
technological tools into the curriculum, but meanwhile the
technology changes and advances. The interface of tools changes
frequently, some tools disappear and new ones are invented. These
conditions require an experimental model of training the pre-service
teachers. The appropriate method for instruction within the domain of
ICT tools should be based on exposing the learners to innovations,
helping them to gain experience, teaching them how to deal with
challenges and difficulties on their own, and training them. This
study suggests some principles for this approach and describes step
by step the implementation of this model.},
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