@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10003344,
	  title     = {Pattern Recognition Based Prosthesis Control for Movement of Forearms Using Surface and Intramuscular EMG Signals},
	  author    = {Anjana Goen and  D. C. Tiwari},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Myoelectric control system is the fundamental
component of modern prostheses, which uses the myoelectric signals
from an individual’s muscles to control the prosthesis movements.
The surface electromyogram signal (sEMG) being noninvasive has
been used as an input to prostheses controllers for many years.
Recent technological advances has led to the development of
implantable myoelectric sensors which enable the internal
myoelectric signal (MES) to be used as input to these prostheses
controllers. The intramuscular measurement can provide focal
recordings from deep muscles of the forearm and independent signals
relatively free of crosstalk thus allowing for more independent
control sites. However, little work has been done to compare the two
inputs. In this paper we have compared the classification accuracy of
six pattern recognition based myoelectric controllers which use
surface myoelectric signals recorded using untargeted (symmetric)
surface electrode arrays to the same controllers with multichannel
intramuscular myolectric signals from targeted intramuscular
electrodes as inputs. There was no significant enhancement in the
classification accuracy as a result of using the intramuscular EMG
measurement technique when compared to the results acquired using
the surface EMG measurement technique. Impressive classification
accuracy (99%) could be achieved by optimally selecting only five
channels of surface EMG.
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