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	  abstract     = {Banda Sea Collision Zone (BSCZ) is the result of the
interaction and convergence of Indo-Australian plate, Eurasian plate
and Pacific plate. This location is located in eastern Indonesia. This
zone has a very high seismic activity. In this research, we will
calculate the rate (λ) and Mean Square Error (MSE). By this result,
we will classification earthquakes distribution in the BSCZ with the
point process approach. Chi-square is used to determine the type of
earthquakes distribution in the sub region of BSCZ. The data used in
this research is data of earthquakes with a magnitude ≥ 6 SR for the
period 1964-2013 and sourced from BMKG Jakarta. This research is
expected to contribute to the Moluccas Province and surrounding
local governments in performing spatial plan document related to
disaster management.},
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