@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10003232,
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	  abstract     = {Mineral product, waste concrete (fine aggregates),
waste in the optical field, industry, and construction employ separators
to separate solids and classify them according to their size. Various
sorting machines are used in the industrial field such as those operating
under electrical properties, centrifugal force, wind power, vibration,
and magnetic force. Study on separators has been carried out to
contribute to the environmental industry. In this study, we perform
CFD analysis for understanding the basic mechanism of the separation
of waste concrete (fine aggregate) particles from air with a machine
built with a rotor with blades. In CFD, we first performed
two-dimensional particle tracking for various particle sizes for the
model with 1 degree, 1.5 degree, and 2 degree angle between each
blade to verify the boundary conditions and the method of rotating
domain method to be used in 3D. Then we developed 3D numerical
model with ANSYS CFX to calculate the air flow and track the
particles. We judged the capability of particle separation for given size
by counting the number of particles escaping from the domain toward
the exit among 10 particles issued at the inlet. We confirm that
particles experience stagnant behavior near the exit of the rotating
blades where the centrifugal force acting on the particles is in balance
with the air drag force. It was also found that the minimum particle
size that can be separated by the machine with the rotor is determined
by its capability to stay at the outlet of the rotor channels.},
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