@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10003167,
	  title     = {Computational Assistance of the Research, Using Dynamic Vector Logistics of Processes for Critical Infrastructure Subjects Continuity},
	  author    = {J. Urbánek Jiří and  Krahulec Josef and  Johanidesová Jitka and  F. Urbánek Jiří},
	  country	= {},
	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {This paper deals with using of prevailing operation
system MS Office (SmartArt...) for mathematical models, using
DYVELOP (Dynamic Vector Logistics of Processes) method. It
serves for crisis situations investigation and modelling within the
organizations of critical infrastructure. In first part of paper, it will be
introduced entities, operators, and actors of DYVELOP method. It
uses just three operators of Boolean algebra and four types of the
entities: the Environments, the Process Systems, the Cases, and the
Controlling. The Process Systems (PrS) have five “brothers”:
Management PrS, Transformation PrS, Logistic PrS, Event PrS and
Operation PrS. The Cases have three “sisters”: Process Cell Case,
Use Case, and Activity Case. They all need for the controlling of
their functions special Ctrl actors, except ENV – it can do without
Ctrl. Model´s maps are named the Blazons and they are able
mathematically - graphically express the relationships among entities,
actors and processes. In second part of this paper, the rich blazons of
DYVELOP method will be used for the discovering and modelling of
the cycling cases and their phases. The blazons need live PowerPoint
presentation for better comprehension of this paper mission. The
crisis management of energetic crisis infrastructure organization is
obliged to use the cycles for successful coping of crisis situations.
Several times cycling of these cases is necessary condition for the
encompassment for both emergency events and the mitigation of
organization´s damages. Uninterrupted and continuous cycling
process brings for crisis management fruitfulness and it is good
indicator and controlling actor of organizational continuity and its
sustainable development advanced possibilities. The research reliable
rules are derived for the safety and reliable continuity of energetic
critical infrastructure organization in the crisis situation.},
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