@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10003128,
	  title     = {A Review on Recycled Use of Solid Wastes in Building Materials},
	  author    = {Oriyomi M. Okeyinka and  David A. Oloke and  Jamal M. Khatib},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Large quantities of solid wastes being generated
worldwide from sources such as household, domestic, industrial,
commercial and construction demolition activities, leads to
environmental concerns. Utilization of these wastes in making
building construction materials can reduce the magnitude of the
associated problems. When these waste products are used in place of
other conventional materials, natural resources and energy are
preserved and expensive and/or potentially harmful waste disposal is
avoided. Recycling which is regarded as the third most preferred waste
disposal option, with its numerous environmental benefits, stand as a
viable option to offset the environmental impact associated with the
construction industry. This paper reviews the results of laboratory tests and important
research findings, and the potential of using these wastes in building
construction materials with focus on sustainable development.
Research gaps, which includes; the need to develop standard mix
design for solid waste based building materials; the need to develop
energy efficient method of processing solid waste use in concrete; the
need to study the actual behavior or performance of such building
materials in practical application and the limited real life application
of such building materials have also been identified. A research is being proposed to develop an environmentally
friendly, lightweight building block from recycled waste paper,
without the use of cement, and with properties suitable for use as
walling unit. This proposed research intends to incorporate,
laboratory experimentation and modeling to address the identified
research gaps.},
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