@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10003043,
	  title     = {A Method to Compute Efficient 3D Helicopters Flight Trajectories Based on a Motion Polymorph-Primitives Algorithm},
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	  abstract     = {Finding the optimal 3D path of an aerial vehicle under
flight mechanics constraints is a major challenge, especially when
the algorithm has to produce real time results in flight. Kinematics
models and Pythagorian Hodograph curves have been widely used
in mobile robotics to solve this problematic. The level of difficulty
is mainly driven by the number of constraints to be saturated at the
same time while minimizing the total length of the path. In this paper,
we suggest a pragmatic algorithm capable of saturating at the same
time most of dimensioning helicopter 3D trajectories’ constraints
like: curvature, curvature derivative, torsion, torsion derivative, climb
angle, climb angle derivative, positions. The trajectories generation
algorithm is able to generate versatile complex 3D motion primitives
feasible by a helicopter with parameterization of the curvature and the
climb angle. An upper ”motion primitives’ concatenation” algorithm
is presented based. In this article we introduce a new way of designing
three-dimensional trajectories based on what we call the ”Dubins
gliding symmetry conjecture”. This extremely performing algorithm
will be soon integrated to a real-time decisional system dealing with
inflight safety issues.},
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