@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10003021,
	  title     = {Awareness and Attitudes of Primary Grade Teachers (1-4thGrade) towards Inclusive Education},
	  author    = {P. Maheshwari and  M. Shapurkar},
	  country	= {},
	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {The present research aimed at studying the awareness
and attitudes of teachers towards inclusive education. The sample
consisted of 60 teachers, teaching in the primary section (1st – 4th) of
regular schools affiliated to the SSC board in Mumbai. Sample was
selected by Multi-stage cluster sampling technique. A semi-structured
self-constructed interview schedule and a self-constructed attitude
scale was used to study the awareness of teachers about disability and
Inclusive education, and their attitudes towards inclusive education
respectively. Themes were extracted from the interview data and
quantitative data was analyzed using SPSS package. Results revealed
that teachers had some amount of awareness but an inadequate
amount of information on disabilities and inclusive education.
Disability to most (37) teachers meant “an inability to do something”.
The difference between disability and handicap was stated by most as
former being cognitive while handicap being physical in nature. With
regard to Inclusive education, a large number (46) stated that they
were unaware of the term and did not know what it meant. Majority
(52) of them perceived maximum challenges for themselves in an
inclusive set up, and emphasized on the role of teacher training
courses in the area of providing knowledge (49) and training in
teaching methodology (53). Although, 83.3% of teachers held a
moderately positive attitude towards inclusive education, a large
percentage (61.6%) of participants felt that being in inclusive set up
would be very challenging for both children with special needs and
without special needs. Though, most (49) of the teachers stated that
children with special needs should be educated in regular classroom
but they further clarified that only those should be in a regular
classroom who have physical impairments of mild or moderate
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