@article{(International Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10003016,
	  title     = {The Role of European Union in Global Governance},
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	  abstract     = {Despite all the wide research and literature on the
subject, changing and challenging times often present themselves
with new objectives, fluid politics, and everlasting point of views.
Much is said about the subject and the trend nowadays is watching
every European Union (EU) intervention as a form of neo
colonialism or a form of establishing new markets. The paper will try to establish a perspective on EU influences,
policies and impacts analyzed from multidimensional point of view,
not limiting itself on a narrow external dimension, focusing on a
broader understanding of it diverse contribution to global governance
and peace keeping. Tending to be critical, this paper tends to fall out of extremes,
nether holding a Eurocentric position, nor falling for cheap critic to
the whole failures and impact of EU policies. The ambition is to
show EU as a contributing factor while keeping in mind its nature as
a multi layered actor and with not necessarily coinciding interests
among its member states.
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