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	  abstract     = {Multiprocessor task scheduling problem for dependent
and independent tasks is computationally complex problem. Many
methods are proposed to achieve optimal running time. As the
multiprocessor task scheduling is NP hard in nature, therefore, many
heuristics are proposed which have improved the makespan of the
problem. But due to problem specific nature, the heuristic method
which provide best results for one problem, might not provide good
results for another problem. So, Simulated Annealing which is meta
heuristic approach is considered. It can be applied on all types of
problems. However, due to many runs, meta heuristic approach takes
large computation time. Hence, the hybrid approach is proposed by
combining the Duplication Scheduling Heuristic and Simulated
Annealing (SA) and the makespan results of Simple Simulated
Annealing and Hybrid approach are analyzed.
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