@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10002965,
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	  abstract     = {Broiler slaughter waste has become a major source of
pollution throughout the world. Utilization of broiler slaughter waste
by dry rendering process produced Rendered Chicken Oil (RCO), a
cheap raw material for biodiesel production and Carcass Meal a feed
ingredient for pets and fishes. Conversion of RCO into biodiesel may
open new vistas for generating wealth from waste besides controlling
the major havoc of environmental pollution. A two-step process to
convert RCO to good quality Biodiesel was invented. Acid catalysed
esterification of FFA followed by base catalysed transesterification of
triglycerides was carried out after meticulously standardizing the
methanol molar ratio, catalyst concentration, reaction temperature,
and reaction time to obtain the maximum biodiesel yield of 97.62%
and lowest glycerol yield of 6.96%. RCO biodiesel blend was tested
in a CRDI diesel engine. The results revealed that the blending of
commercial diesel with 20% RCO biodiesel (B20) lead to less engine
wear, a quieter engine and better fuel economy. The better lubricating
qualities of RCO B20 prevented over heating of engine, which
prolongs the engine life. RCO B20 can reduce the import of crude oil
and substantially reduce the engine emissions as proved by
significantly lower smoke levels, thus mitigating climatic changes.},
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