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	  abstract     = {Synchrophasor technology is fast being deployed in
electric power grids all over the world and is fast changing the way
the grids are managed. This trend is to continue until the entire
power grids are fully connected so they can be monitored and
controlled in real-time. Much achievement has been made in the
synchrophasor technology development and deployment, and there
are still much more to be achieved. For instance, real-time power
grid control and protection potentials of synchrophasor are yet to be
explored. It is of necessity that researchers keep in view the various
challenges that still need to be overcome in expanding the frontiers
of synchrophasor technology. This paper outlines the major
challenges that should be dealt with in order to achieve the goal of
total power grid visualization, monitoring, and control using
synchrophasor technology.},
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