@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10002919,
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	  abstract     = {Local steel slag is produced as a by-product during the
oxidation of steel pellets in an electric arc furnace. Using local steel
slag waste as a hundred substitutes of crashed stone in construction
materials would resolve the environmental problems caused by the
large-scale depletion of the natural sources of crashed stone. This
paper reports the experimental study to investigate the influence of a
hundred replacement of crashed stone as a coarse aggregate with
local steel slag, on the fresh and hardened geopolymer concrete
properties. The investigation includes traditional testing of hardening
concrete, for selected mixes of cement and geopolymer concrete. It
was found that local steel slag as a coarse aggregate enhanced the
slump test of the fresh state of cement and geopolymer concretes.
Nevertheless, the unit weight of concretes was affected. Meanwhile,
the good performance was observed when fly ash used as geopolymer
concrete based.},
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