@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10002809,
	  title     = {Ecoliteracy and Pedagogical Praxis in the Multidisciplinary University Greenhouse toward the Food Security Strengthening},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {One of the challenges that higher education faces is to
find how to approach the sustainability in an inclusive way to the
student within all the different academic areas, how to move the
sustainable development from the abstract field to the operational
field. This research comes from the ecoliteracy and the pedagogical
praxis as tools for rebuilding the teaching processes inside of
universities. The purpose is to determine and describe which are the
factors involved in the process of learning particularly in the
Greenhouse-School Siembra UV. In the Greenhouse-School Siembra UV, of the University of
Veracruz, are cultivated vegetables, medicinal plants and small
cornfields under the usage of eco-technologies such as hydroponics,
Wickingbed and Hugelkultur, which main purpose is the saving of
space, labor and natural resources, as well as function as agricultural
production alternatives in the urban and periurban zones. The sample was formed with students from different academic
areas and who are actively involved in the greenhouse, as well as
institutes from the University of Veracruz and governmental and nongovernmental
departments. This project comes from a pedagogic praxis approach, from filling
the needs that the different professional profiles of the university
students have. All this with the purpose of generate a pragmatic
dialogue with the sustainability. It also comes from the necessity to
understand the factors that intervene in the students’ praxis. In this
manner is how the students are the fundamental unit in the sphere of
sustainability. As a result, it is observed that those University of Veracruz
students who are involved in the Greenhouse-school, Siembra UV,
have enriched in different levels the sense of urban and periurban
agriculture because of the diverse academic approaches they have
and the interaction between them. It is concluded that the ecotechnologies
act as fundamental tools for ecoliteracy in society,
where it is strengthen the nutritional and food security from a
sustainable development approach.},
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