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	  abstract     = {The growth in the demand of electrical energy is
leading to load on the Power system which increases the occurrence
of frequent oscillations in the system. The reason for the oscillations
is due to the lack of damping torque which is required to dominate
the disturbances of Power system. By using FACT devices, such as
Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC) can control power flow,
reduce sub-synchronous resonances and increase transient stability.
Hence, UPFC is used to damp the oscillations occurred in Power
system. This research focuses on adapting the neuro fuzzy controller
for the UPFC design by connecting the infinite bus (SMIB - Single
machine Infinite Bus) to a linearized model of synchronous machine
(Heffron-Phillips) in the power system. This model gains the
capability to improve the transient stability and to damp the
oscillations of the system.},
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