@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10002620,
	  title     = {Physical-Mechanical Characteristics of Monocrystalline Si1-xGex (x≤0,02) Solid Solutions},
	  author    = {I. Kurashvili and  A. Sichinava and  G. Bokuchava and  G. Darsavelidze},
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	  abstract     = {Si-Ge solid solutions (bulk poly- and mono-crystalline
samples, thin films) are characterized by high perspectives for
application in semiconductor devices, in particular, optoelectronics
and microelectronics. From this point of view, complex studying of
structural state of the defects and structural-sensitive physical
properties of Si-Ge solid solutions depending on the contents of Si
and Ge components is very important. Present work deals with the
investigations of microstructure, microhardness, internal friction and
shear modulus of Si1-xGex(x≤0,02) bulk monocrystals conducted at
room temperature. Si-Ge bulk crystals were obtained by Czochralski
method in [111] crystallographic direction. Investigated
monocrystalline Si-Ge samples are characterized by p-type
conductivity and carriers’ concentration 5.1014-1.1015cm-3.
Microhardness was studied on Dynamic Ultra Micro hardness Tester
DUH-201S with Berkovich indenter. Investigate samples are characterized with 0,5x0,5x(10-15)mm3
sizes, oriented along [111] direction at torsion oscillations ≈1Hz,
multistage changing of internal friction and shear modulus has been
revealed in an interval of strain amplitude of 10-5-5.10-3. Critical
values of strain amplitude have been determined at which hysteretic
changes of inelastic characteristics and microplasticity are observed. The critical strain amplitude and elasticity limit values are also
determined. Dynamic mechanical characteristics decreasing trend is
shown with increasing Ge content in Si-Ge solid solutions. Observed
changes are discussed from the point of view of interaction of various
dislocations with point defects and their complexes in a real structure
of Si-Ge solid solutions.},
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