%0 Journal Article
	%A S. Sarumathi and  N. Shanthi
	%D 2015
	%J International Journal of Computer and Information Engineering
	%B World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology
	%I Open Science Index 99, 2015
	%T Comprehensive Analysis of Data Mining Tools
	%U https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10002609
	%V 99
	%X Due to the fast and flawless technological innovation
there is a tremendous amount of data dumping all over the world in
every domain such as Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Spatial
Data Mining, Image Analysis, Fraudulent Analysis, World Wide
Web etc., This issue turns to be more essential for developing several
tools for data mining functionalities. The major aim of this paper is to
analyze various tools which are used to build a resourceful analytical
or descriptive model for handling large amount of information more
efficiently and user friendly. In this survey the diverse tools are
illustrated with their extensive technical paradigm, outstanding
graphical interface and inbuilt multipath algorithms in which it is
very useful for handling significant amount of data more indeed.

	%P 837 - 847