@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10002479,
	  title     = {Analyzing Current Transformers Saturation Characteristics for Different Connected Burden Using LabVIEW Data Acquisition Tool},
	  author    = {D. Subedi and  S. Pradhan},
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	  abstract     = {Current transformers are an integral part of power
system because it provides a proportional safe amount of current for
protection and measurement applications. However, when the power
system experiences an abnormal situation leading to huge current
flow, then this huge current is proportionally injected to the
protection and metering circuit. Since the protection and metering
equipment’s are designed to withstand only certain amount of current
with respect to time, these high currents pose a risk to man and
equipment. Therefore, during such instances, the CT saturation
characteristics have a huge influence on the safety of both man and
equipment and on the reliability of the protection and metering
system. This paper shows the effect of burden on the Accuracy Limiting
factor/ Instrument security factor of current transformers and the
change in saturation characteristics of the CT’s. The response of the
CT to varying levels of overcurrent at different connected burden will
be captured using the data acquisition software LabVIEW. Analysis
is done on the real time data gathered using LabVIEW. Variation of
current transformer saturation characteristics with changes in burden
will be discussed.},
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