@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10002443,
	  title     = {Study of the Late Phase of Core Degradation during Reflooding by Safety Injection System for VVER1000 with ASTECv2 Computer Code},
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	  abstract     = {This paper presents the modeling approach in SBO
sequence for VVER 1000 reactors and describes the reactor core
behavior at late in-vessel phase in case of late reflooding by HPIS
and gives preliminary results for the ASTECv2 validation. The work
is focused on investigation of plant behavior during total loss of
power and the operator actions. The main goal of these analyses is to
assess the phenomena arising during the Station blackout (SBO)
followed by primary side high pressure injection system (HPIS)
reflooding of already damaged reactor core at very late “in-vessel”
phase. The purpose of the analyses is to define how the later HPIS
switching on can delay the time of vessel failure or possibly avoid
vessel failure. The times for HPP injection were chosen based on
previously performed investigations.},
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