@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10002362,
	  title     = {Screening Post-Menopausal Women for Osteoporosis by Complex Impedance Measurements of the Dominant Arm},
	  author    = {Fırat Matur and  Yekta Ülgen},
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	  abstract     = {Cole-Cole parameters of 40 post-menopausal women
are compared with their DEXA bone mineral density measurements.
Impedance characteristics of four extremities are compared; left and
right extremities are statistically same, but lower extremities are
statistically different than upper ones due to their different fat
content. The correlation of Cole-Cole impedance parameters to bone
mineral density (BMD) is observed to be higher for dominant arm.
With the post-menopausal population, ANOVA tests of the dominant
arm characteristic frequency, as a predictor for DEXA classified
osteopenic and osteoporic population around lumbar spine, is
statistically very significant. When used for total lumbar spine
osteoporosis diagnosis, the area under the Receiver Operating Curve
of the characteristic frequency is 0.830, suggesting that the Cole-Cole
plot characteristic frequency could be a useful diagnostic parameter
when integrated into standard screening methods for osteoporosis.
Moreover, the characteristic frequency can be directly measured by
monitoring frequency driven angular behavior of the dominant arm
without performing any complex calculation.},
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