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	  abstract     = {In an attempt to investigate the performance of single
basin solar still for climate conditions of Ludhiana a single basin
solar still was designed, fabricated and tested. The energy balance
equations for various parts of the still are solved by Gauss-Seidel
iteration method. Computer model was made and experimentally
validated. The validated computer model was used to estimate the
annual distillation yield and performance ratio of the still for
Ludhiana. The Theoretical and experimental distillation yield were
4318.79 ml and 3850 ml respectively for the typical day. The
predicted distillation yield was 12.5% higher than the experimental
yield. The annual distillation yield per square metre aperture area and
annual performance ratio for single basin solar still is 1095 litres and
0.43 respectively. The payback period for micro-stepped solar still is
2.5 years.},
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