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	  abstract     = {Nine Degrees of Freedom (9 DOF) systems are
already in development in many areas. In this paper, an integrated
pressure sensor is proposed that will make use of an already existing
monolithic 9 DOF inertial MEMS platform. Capacitive pressure
sensors can suffer from limited sensitivity for a given size of
membrane. This novel pressure sensor design increases the sensitivity
by over 5 times compared to a traditional array of square diaphragms
while still fitting within a 2 mm x 2 mm chip and maintaining a fixed
static capacitance. The improved design uses one large diaphragm
supported by pillars with fixed electrodes placed above the areas of
maximum deflection. The design optimization increases the
sensitivity from 0.22 fF/kPa to 1.16 fF/kPa. Temperature sensitivity
was also examined through simulation.},
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