@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10002050,
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	  abstract     = {Biodiesel production from vegetable oil will produce
glycerol as by-product about 10% of the biodiesel production. The
amount of glycerol that was produced needed alternative way to
handling immediately so as to not become the waste that polluted
environment. One of the solutions was to process glycerol to
polyglycidyl nitrate (PGN). PGN is synthesized from glycerol by
three-step reactions i.e. nitration of glycerol, cyclization of 13-
dinitroglycerine and polymerization of glycosyl nitrate. Optimum
condition of nitration of glycerol with nitric acid has not been known.
Thermodynamic feasibility should be done before run experiments in
the laboratory. The aim of this study was to determine the parameters
those affect nitration of glycerol and nitric acid and chose the
operation condition. Many parameters were simulated to verify its
possibility to experiment under conditions which would get the
highest conversion of 1, 3-dinitroglycerine and which was the ideal
condition to get it. The parameters that need to be studied to obtain
the highest conversion of 1, 3-dinitroglycerine were mol ratio of
nitric acid/glycerol, reaction temperature, mol ratio of
glycerol/dichloromethane and pressure. The highest conversion was
obtained in the range of mol ratio of nitric acid /glycerol between 2/1
– 5/1, reaction temperature of 5-25oC and pressure of 1 atm. The
parameters that need to be studied further to obtain the highest
conversion of 1.3 DNG are mol ratio of nitric acid/glycerol and
reaction temperature.},
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