@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10002046,
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	  abstract     = {Bicycle Level of Service (BLOS) is a measure for
evaluating street conditions for cyclists. Currently, various methods
are proposed for BLOS. These analytical methods however have
some drawbacks: they usually assume cyclists as users that can share
street facilities with motorized vehicles, it is not easy to link them to
design process and they are not easy to follow. In addition, they only
support a narrow range of cycling facilities and may not be applicable
for all situations. Along this, the current paper introduces various
effective design factors for bicycle-friendly streets. This study
considers cyclists as users of streets who have special needs and
facilities. Therefore, the key factors that influence BLOS based on
different cycling facilities that are proposed by developed guidelines
and literature are identified. The combination of these factors
presents a complete set of effective design factors for bicycle-friendly
streets. In addition, the weight of each factor in existing BLOS
models is estimated and these effective factors are ranked based on
these weights. These factors and their weights can be used in further
studies to propose special bicycle-friendly street design model.},
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