@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10002044,
	  title     = {Non-Parametric, Unconditional Quantile Estimation of Efficiency in Microfinance Institutions},
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	  abstract     = {We apply the non-parametric, unconditional,
hyperbolic order-α quantile estimator to appraise the relative
efficiency of Microfinance Institutions in Africa in terms of outreach.
Our purpose is to verify if these institutions, which must constantly
try to strike a compromise between their social role and financial
sustainability are operationally efficient.
Using data on African MFIs extracted from the Microfinance
Information eXchange (MIX) database and covering the 2004 to
2006 periods, we find that more efficient MFIs are also the most
profitable. This result is in line with the view that social performance
is not in contradiction with the pursuit of excellent financial
performance. Our results also show that large MFIs in terms of asset
and those charging the highest fees are not necessarily the most
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