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	  abstract     = {Numerical investigations were conducted to study the
influence of flexural reinforcement ratio on the diagonal cracking
strength and ultimate shear strength of reinforced concrete (RC)
beams without stirrups. Three-dimensional nonlinear finite element
analyses (FEAs) of the beams with flexural reinforcement ratios
ranging from 0.58% to 2.20% subjected to a mid-span concentrated
load were carried out. It is observed that the load-deflection and loadstrain
curves obtained from the numerical analyses agree with those
obtained from the experiments. It is concluded that flexural
reinforcement ratio has a significant effect on the shear strength and
deflection capacity of RC beams without stirrups. The predictions of
diagonal cracking strength and ultimate shear strength of beams
obtained by using the equations defined by a number of codes and
researchers are compared with each other and with the experimental
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