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	  abstract     = {Cyber exercises used to assess the preparedness of a
community against cyber crises, technology failures and Critical
Information Infrastructure (CII) incidents. The cyber exercises also
called cyber crisis exercise or cyber drill, involved partnerships or
collaboration of public and private agencies from several sectors.
This study investigates Organisation Cyber Resilience (OCR) of
participation sectors in cyber exercise called X Maya in Malaysia.
This study used a principal based cyber resilience survey called CSuite
Executive checklist developed by World Economic Forum in
2012. To ensure suitability of the survey to investigate the OCR, the
reliability test was conducted on C-Suite Executive checklist items.
The research further investigates the differences of OCR in ten
Critical National Infrastructure Information (CNII) sectors
participated in the cyber exercise. The One Way ANOVA test result
showed a statistically significant difference of OCR among ten CNII
sectors participated in the cyber exercise.},
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