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	  abstract     = {The elastic properties and fracture of two-dimensional
graphene were calculated purely from the atomic bonding (stretching
and bending) based on molecular mechanics method. Considering the
representative unit cell of graphene under various loading conditions,
the deformations of carbon bonds and the variations of the interlayer
distance could be realized numerically under the geometry constraints
and minimum energy assumption. In elastic region, it was found that
graphene was in-plane isotropic. Meanwhile, the in-plane deformation
of the representative unit cell is not uniform along armchair direction
due to the discrete and non-uniform distributions of the atoms. The
fracture of graphene could be predicted using fracture criteria based on
the critical bond length, over which the bond would break. It was
noticed that the fracture behavior were directional dependent, which
was consistent with molecular dynamics simulation results.},
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