@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10001898,
	  title     = {Study on Carbon Nanostructures Influence on Changes in Static Friction Forces},
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	  abstract     = {The Chair of Thermal Engineering at Poznan
University of Technology has been conducted research works on the
possibilities of using carbon nanostructures in energy and mechanics
applications for a couple of years. Those studies have provided results in a form of co-operation with foreign research centres, numerous publications and patent
Authors of this paper have studied the influence of multi-walled
carbon nanostructures on changes in static friction arising when steel
surfaces were moved. Tests were made using the original test stand
consisting of automatically controlled inclined plane driven by
precise stepper motors. Computer program created in the LabView
environment was responsible for monitoring of the stand operation,
accuracy of measurements and archiving the obtained results. Such a
solution enabled to obtain high accuracy and repeatability of all
conducted experiments.
Tests and analysis of the obtained results allowed us to determine
how additional layers of carbon nanostructures influenced on changes
of static friction coefficients. At the same time, we analyzed the
potential possibilities of applying nanostructures under consideration
in mechanics.},
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