@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10001882,
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	  abstract     = {It is an established fact that polymers have several
physical limitations such as low stiffness and low resistance to
impact on loading. Hence, polymers do not usually have requisite
mechanical strength for application in various fields. The
reinforcement by high strength fibers provides the polymer
substantially enhanced mechanical properties and makes them more
suitable for a large number of diverse applications. This research
evaluates the effects of particulate Cow bone and Groundnut shell
additions on the mechanical properties and microstructure of cow
bone and groundnut shell reinforced epoxy composite in order to
assess the possibility of using it as a material for engineering
applications. Cow bone and groundnut shell particles reinforced with
epoxy (CBRPC and GSRPC) was prepared by varying the cow bone
and groundnut shell particles from 0-25 wt% with 5 wt% intervals. A
Hybrid of the Cow bone and Groundnut shell (HGSCB) reinforce
with epoxy was also prepared. The mechanical properties of the
developed composites were investigated. Optical microscopy was
used to examine the microstructure of the composites. The results
revealed that mechanical properties did not increase uniformly with
additions in filler but exhibited maximum properties at specific
percentages of filler additions. From the Microscopic evaluation, it
was discovered that homogeneity decreases with increase in % filler,
this could be due to poor interfacial bonding.},
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