@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10001646,
	  title     = {Combustion and Emissions Performance of Syngas Fuels Derived from Palm Kernel Shell and Polyethylene (PE) Waste via Catalytic Steam Gasification},
	  author    = {Chaouki Ghenai},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Computational fluid dynamics analysis of the burning
of syngas fuels derived from biomass and plastic solid waste mixture
through gasification process is presented in this paper. The syngas
fuel is burned in gas turbine can combustor. Gas turbine can
combustor with swirl is designed to burn the fuel efficiently and
reduce the emissions. The main objective is to test the impact of the
alternative syngas fuel compositions and lower heating value on the
combustion performance and emissions. The syngas fuel is produced
by blending palm kernel shell (PKS) with polyethylene (PE) waste
via catalytic steam gasification (fluidized bed reactor). High
hydrogen content syngas fuel was obtained by mixing 30% PE waste
with PKS. The syngas composition obtained through the gasification
process is 76.2% H2, 8.53% CO, 4.39% CO2 and 10.90% CH4. The
lower heating value of the syngas fuel is LHV = 15.98 MJ/m3. Three
fuels were tested in this study natural gas (100%CH4), syngas fuel
and pure hydrogen (100% H2). The power from the combustor was
kept constant for all the fuels tested in this study. The effect of syngas
fuel composition and lower heating value on the flame shape, gas
temperature, mass of carbon dioxide (CO2) and nitrogen oxides
(NOX) per unit of energy generation is presented in this paper. The
results show an increase of the peak flame temperature and NO mass
fractions for the syngas and hydrogen fuels compared to natural gas
fuel combustion. Lower average CO2 emissions at the exit of the
combustor are obtained for the syngas compared to the natural gas
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