@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10001570,
	  title     = {Structural Performance Evaluation of Segmented Wind Turbine Blade through Finite Element Simulation},
	  author    = {Chandrashekhar Bhat and  Dilifa J. Noronha and  Faber A. Saldanha},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Transportation of long turbine blades from one place
to another is a difficult process. Hence a feasibility study of
modularization of wind turbine blade was taken from structural
standpoint through finite element analysis. Initially, a non-segmented
blade is modeled and its structural behavior is evaluated to serve as
reference. The resonant, static bending and fatigue tests are simulated
in accordance with IEC61400-23 standard for comparison purpose.
The non-segmented test blade is separated at suitable location based
on trade off studies and the segments are joined with an innovative
double strap bonded joint configuration. The adhesive joint is
modeled by adopting cohesive zone modeling approach in ANSYS.
The developed blade model is analyzed for its structural response
through simulation. Performances of both the blades are found to be
similar, which indicates that, efficient segmentation of the long blade
is possible which facilitates easy transportation of the blades and on
site reassembling. The location selected for segmentation and
adopted joint configuration has resulted in an efficient segmented
blade model which proves the methodology adopted for segmentation
was quite effective. The developed segmented blade appears to be the
viable alternative considering its structural response specifically in
fatigue within considered assumptions.},
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