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	  abstract     = {Many industrial materials like magnets need to be
tested for the radiation environment expected at linear colliders (LC)
where the accelerator and detectors will be subjected to large
influences of beta, neutron and gamma’s over their life Gamma
irradiation of the permanent sample magnets using a 60Co source was
investigated up to an absorbed dose of 700Mrad shows a negligible
effect on some magnetic properties of Nd-Fe-B. In this work it has
been tried to investigate the change of some important properties of
Barium hexa ferrite. Results showed little decreases of magnetic
properties at doses rang of 0.5 to 2.5 Mrad. But at the gamma
irradiation dose up to 10 Mrad it is showed a few increase of
properties. Also study of gamma irradiation of Nd-Fe-B showed
considerably increase of magnetic properties.},
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