@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10001483,
	  title     = {Teacher Training Course: Conflict Resolution through Mediation},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {In Hungary, the society has changed a lot for the past
25 years, and these changes could be detected in educational
situations as well. The number and the intensity of conflicts have
been increased in most fields of life, as well as at schools. Teachers
have difficulties to be able to handle school conflicts. What is more,
the new net generation, generation Z has values and behavioural
patterns different from those of the previous one, which might
generate more serious conflicts at school, especially with teachers
who were mainly socialising in a traditional teacher – student
In Hungary, the bill CCIV of 2011 declared the foundation of
Institutes of Teacher Training in higher education institutes. One of
the tasks of the Institutes is to survey the competences and needs of
teachers working in public education and to provide further trainings
and services for them according to their needs and requirements. This
job is supported by the Social Renewal Operative Programs 4.1.2.B.
The professors of a college carried out a questionnaire and surveyed
the needs and the requirements of teachers working in the region.
Based on the results, the professors of the Institute of Teacher
Training decided to meet the requirements of teachers and to launch
short teacher further training courses in spring 2015. One of the
courses is going to focus on school conflict management through
The aim of the pilot course is to provide conflict management
techniques for teachers and to present different mediation techniques
to them. The theoretical part of the course (5 hours) will enable
participants to understand the main points and the advantages of
mediation, while the practical part (10 hours) will involve teachers in
role plays to learn how to cope with conflict situations applying
mediation. We hope if conflicts could be reduced, it would influence
school atmosphere in a positive way and the teaching – learning
process could be more successful and effective.},
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