@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10001379,
	  title     = {Level of Acceptability of Moringa oleifera Diversified Products among Rural and Urban Dwellers in Nigeria},
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	  abstract     = {Moringa oleifera is a nutritious vegetable tree with
varieties of potential uses, as almost every part of the Moringa
oleifera tree can be used for food. This study was conducted in Oyo
State, Nigeria, to find out the level of acceptability of Moringa
oleifera diversified products among rural and urban dwellers.
Purposive sampling was used to select two local governments’ areas.
Stratified sampling technique was also used to select one community
each from rural and urban areas while snowball sampling technique
was used to select ten respondents each from the two communities,
making a total number of forty respondents. Data were analyzed
using frequencies, percentages, Chi-square, Pearson Product Moment
Correlation and regression analysis. Result from the study revealed
that majority of the respondents (80%) fell within the age range of
20-49 years and 55% of them were male, 55% were married, 70% of
them were Christians, 80% of them had tertiary education. The result
also showed that 85% were aware of the Moringa plant and (65%) of
them have consumed Moringa oleifera and the perception statements
on the benefits of Moringa oleifera indicated that (52.5%) of the
respondents rated Moringa oleifera to be favorable, most of them had
high acceptability for Moringa egusi soup, Moringa tea, Moringa pap
and yam pottage with Moringa. The result of the hypotheses testing
showed that there is a significant relationship between sex of the
respondents and acceptability of the diversified Moringa oleifera
products (x2=6.465, p = 0.011). There is also a significant
relationship between family size of the respondents level of
acceptability of the Moringa oleifera products (r = 0.327, p = 0.040).
Based on the level of acceptability of Moringa oleifera diversified
products; the plant is of great economic importance to the populace.
Therefore, there should be more public awareness through the media
to enlighten people on the beneficial effects of Moringa oleifera.},
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