@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10001362,
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	  abstract     = {High pressure turbine (HPT) blades of DV – 2 jet
engines are made from Ni – based superalloy. This alloy was
originally manufactured in the Soviet Union and referred as ŽS6K.
For improving alloy’s high temperature resistance are blades coated
with Al – Si diffusion layer. A regular operation temperature of HPT
blades vary from 705°C to 750°C depending on jet engine regime.
An overcrossing working temperature range causes degradation of
the protective coating as well as base material which microstructure
is formed by the gamma matrix and strengthening phase gamma
prime (forming small particles in the microstructure). Diffusion
processes inside the material during exposition of the material to high
temperatures causes mainly coarsening of the gamma prime particles,
thus decreasing its strengthening effect. Degradation of the Al – Si
coating caused its thickness growth. All the microstructure changes
and coating layer thickness growth results in decreasing of the turbine
blade operation lifetime.},
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