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	  abstract     = {Properties of Portland cement mixtures with various
fractions of metakaolin were studied. 10% of Portland cement CEM I
42.5 R was replaced by different fractions of high reactivity
metakaolin with defined chemical and mineralogical properties.
Various fractions of metakaolin were prepared by jet mill classifying
system. There is a clear trend between fineness of metakaolin and
hydration heat development. Due to metakaolin presence in mixtures
the compressive strength development of mortars is rather slower for
coarser fractions but 28-day flexural strengths are improved for all
fractions of metakaoline used in mixtures compared to reference
sample of pure Portland cement. Yield point, plastic viscosity and
adhesion of fresh pastes are considerably influenced by fineness of
metakaolin used in cement pastes.
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