@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10000803,
	  title     = {The Impact of Transaction Costs on Rebalancing an Investment Portfolio in Portfolio Optimization},
	  author    = {B. Marasović and  S. Pivac and  S. V. Vukasović},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {Constructing a portfolio of investments is one of the
most significant financial decisions facing individuals and
institutions. In accordance with the modern portfolio theory
maximization of return at minimal risk should be the investment goal
of any successful investor. In addition, the costs incurred when
setting up a new portfolio or rebalancing an existing portfolio must
be included in any realistic analysis.
In this paper rebalancing an investment portfolio in the presence of
transaction costs on the Croatian capital market is analyzed. The
model applied in the paper is an extension of the standard portfolio
mean-variance optimization model in which transaction costs are
incurred to rebalance an investment portfolio. This model allows
different costs for different securities, and different costs for buying
and selling. In order to find efficient portfolio, using this model, first,
the solution of quadratic programming problem of similar size to the
Markowitz model, and then the solution of a linear programming
problem have to be found. Furthermore, in the paper the impact of
transaction costs on the efficient frontier is investigated. Moreover, it
is shown that global minimum variance portfolio on the efficient
frontier always has the same level of the risk regardless of the amount
of transaction costs. Although efficient frontier position depends of
both transaction costs amount and initial portfolio it can be concluded
that extreme right portfolio on the efficient frontier always contains
only one stock with the highest expected return and the highest risk.
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