@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10000802,
	  title     = {An Analysis on the Appropriateness and Effectiveness of CCTV Location for Crime Prevention},
	  author    = {Tae-Heon Moon and  Sun-Young Heo and  Sang-Ho Lee and  Youn-Taik Leem and  Kwang-Woo Nam},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {This study aims to investigate the possibility of crime
prevention through CCTV by analyzing the appropriateness of the
CCTV location, whether it is installed in the hotspot of crime-prone
areas, and exploring the crime prevention effect and transition effect.
The real crime and CCTV locations of case city were converted into
the spatial data by using GIS. The data was analyzed by hotspot
analysis and weighted displacement quotient (WDQ). As study
methods, it analyzed existing relevant studies for identifying the trends
of CCTV and crime studies based on big data from 1800 to 2014 and
understanding the relation between CCTV and crime. Second, it
investigated the current situation of nationwide CCTVs and analyzed
the guidelines of CCTV installation and operation to draw attention to
the problems and indicating points of CCTV use. Third, it investigated
the crime occurrence in case areas and the current situation of CCTV
installation in the spatial aspects, and analyzed the appropriateness and
effectiveness of CCTV installation to suggest a rational installation of
CCTV and the strategic direction of crime prevention. The results
demonstrate that there was no significant effect in the installation of
CCTV on crime prevention in the case area. This indicates that CCTV
should be installed and managed in a more scientific way reflecting
local crime situations. In terms of CCTV, the methods of spatial
analysis such as GIS, which can evaluate the installation effect, and the
methods of economic analysis like cost-benefit analysis should be
developed. In addition, these methods should be distributed to local
governments across the nation for the appropriate installation of
CCTV and operation. This study intended to find a design guideline of
the optimum CCTV installation. In this regard, this study is
meaningful in that it will contribute to the creation of a safe city.
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