@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10000790,
	  title     = {Prediction of Temperature Distribution during Drilling Process Using Artificial Neural Network},
	  author    = {Ali Reza Tahavvor and  Saeed Hosseini and  Nazli Jowkar and  Afshin Karimzadeh Fard},
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	  abstract     = {Experimental & numeral study of temperature
distribution during milling process, is important in milling quality
and tools life aspects. In the present study the milling cross-section
temperature is determined by using Artificial Neural Networks
(ANN) according to the temperature of certain points of the work
piece and the point specifications and the milling rotational speed of
the blade. In the present work, at first three-dimensional model of the
work piece is provided and then by using the Computational Heat
Transfer (CHT) simulations, temperature in different nods of the
work piece are specified in steady-state conditions. Results obtained
from CHT are used for training and testing the ANN approach. Using
reverse engineering and setting the desired x, y, z and the milling
rotational speed of the blade as input data to the network, the milling
surface temperature determined by neural network is presented as
output data. The desired points temperature for different milling
blade rotational speed are obtained experimentally and by
extrapolation method for the milling surface temperature is obtained
and a comparison is performed among the soft programming ANN,
CHT results and experimental data and it is observed that ANN soft
programming code can be used more efficiently to determine the
temperature in a milling process.
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