@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10000720,
	  title     = {Performances and Activities of Urban Communities Leader Based On Sufficiency Economy Philosophy in Dusit District, Bangkok Metropolitan},
	  author    = {Phusit Phukamchanoad},
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	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {The research studies the behaviors based on
sufficiency economy philosophy at individual and community
levelsas well as the satisfaction of the urban community leaders by
collecting data with purposive sampling technique. For in-depth
interviews with 26 urban community leaders, the result shows that
the urban community leaders have good knowledge and
understanding about sufficiency economy philosophy. Especially in
terms of money spending, they must consider the need for living and
be economical. The activities in the community or society should not
take advantage of the others as well as colleagues. At present, most of
the urban community leaders live in sufficient way. They often spend
time with public service, but many families are dealing with debt.
Many communities have some political conflict and high family
allowances because of living in the urban communities with rapid
social and economic changes. However, there are many communities
that leaders have applied their wisdom in development for their
people by gathering and grouping the professionals to form activities
such as making chilli sauce, textile organization, making artificial
flowers to worship the sanctity. The most prominent group is the foot
massage business in Wat Pracha Rabue Tham. This professional
group is supported continuously by the government. One of the
factors in terms of satisfaction used for evaluating community leaders
is the customary administration in brotherly, interdependent way
rather than using the absolute power or controlling power, but using
the roles of leader to perform the activities with their people intently,
determinedly and having public mind for people.
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