@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10000566,
	  title     = {Construction and Validation of a Hybrid Lumbar Spine Model for the Fast Evaluation of Intradiscal Pressure and Mobility},
	  author    = {Ali Hamadi Dicko and  Nicolas Tong-Yette and  Benjamin Gilles and  Fran├žois Faure and  Olivier Palombi},
	  country	= {},
	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {A novel hybrid model of the lumbar spine, allowing
fast static and dynamic simulations of the disc pressure
and the spine mobility, is introduced in this work. Our
contribution is to combine rigid bodies, deformable finite
elements, articular constraints, and springs into a unique model
of the spine. Each vertebra is represented by a rigid body
controlling a surface mesh to model contacts on the facet
joints and the spinous process. The discs are modeled using
a heterogeneous tetrahedral finite element model. The facet
joints are represented as elastic joints with six degrees of
freedom, while the ligaments are modeled using non-linear
one-dimensional elastic elements. The challenge we tackle
is to make these different models efficiently interact while
respecting the principles of Anatomy and Mechanics.
The mobility, the intradiscal pressure, the facet joint force and
the instantaneous center of rotation of the lumbar spine are
validated against the experimental and theoretical results of
the literature on flexion, extension, lateral bending as well as
axial rotation.
Our hybrid model greatly simplifies the modeling task and
dramatically accelerates the simulation of pressure within the
discs, as well as the evaluation of the range of motion and the
instantaneous centers of rotation, without penalizing precision.
These results suggest that for some types of biomechanical
simulations, simplified models allow far easier modeling and
faster simulations compared to usual full-FEM approaches
without any loss of accuracy.
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