@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10000557,
	  title     = {A β-mannanase from Fusarium oxysporum SS-25 via Solid State Fermentation on Brewer’s Spent Grain: Medium Optimization by Statistical Tools, Kinetic Characterization and Its Applications},
	  author    = {S. S. Rana and  C. Janveja and  S. K. Soni},
	  country	= {},
	  institution	= {},
	  abstract     = {This study is concerned with the optimization of
fermentation parameters for the hyper production of mannanase from
Fusarium oxysporum SS-25 employing two step statistical strategy
and kinetic characterization of crude enzyme preparation. The
Plackett-Burman design used to screen out the important factors in
the culture medium revealed 20% (w/w) wheat bran, 2% (w/w) each
of potato peels, soyabean meal and malt extract, 1% tryptone, 0.14%
NH4SO4, 0.2% KH2PO4, 0.0002% ZnSO4, 0.0005% FeSO4, 0.01%
MnSO4, 0.012% SDS, 0.03% NH4Cl, 0.1% NaNO3 in brewer’s spent
grain based medium with 50% moisture content, inoculated with
2.8×107 spores and incubated at 30oC for 6 days to be the main
parameters influencing the enzyme production. Of these factors, four
variables including soyabean meal, FeSO4, MnSO4 and NaNO3 were
chosen to study the interactive effects and their optimum levels in
central composite design of response surface methodology with the
final mannanase yield of 193 IU/gds. The kinetic characterization
revealed the crude enzyme to be active over broader temperature and
pH range. This could result in 26.6% reduction in kappa number with
4.93% higher tear index and 1% increase in brightness when used to
treat the wheat straw based kraft pulp. The hydrolytic potential of
enzyme was also demonstrated on both locust bean gum and guar
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