@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10000551,
	  title     = {Challenges in Adopting 3R Concept in the Heritage Building Restoration},
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	  abstract     = {Malaysia is rich with historic buildings, particularly in
Penang and Malacca states. Restoration activities are increasingly
important as these states are recognized under UNESCO World
Heritage Sites. Restoration activities help to maintain the uniqueness
and value of a heritage building. However, increasing in restoration
activities has resulted in large quantities of waste. To cope with this
problem, the 3R concept (reduce, reuse and recycle) is introduced.
The 3R concept is one of the waste management hierarchies. This
concept is still yet to apply in the building restoration industry
compared to the construction industry. Therefore, this study aims to
promote the 3R concept in the heritage building restoration industry.
This study aims to examine the importance of 3R concept and to
identify challenges in applying the 3R concept in the heritage
building restoration industry. This study focused on contractors and
consultants who are involved in heritage restoration projects in
Penang. Literature review and interviews helps to reach the research
objective. Data that obtained is analyzed by using content analysis.
For the research, application of 3R concept is important to conserve
natural resources and reduce pollution problems. However, limited
space to organise waste is the obstruction during the implementation
of this concept. In conclusion, the 3R concept plays an important role
in promoting environmental conservation and helping in reducing the
construction waste.
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