@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10000211,
	  title     = {Prediction Compressive Strength of Self-Compacting Concrete Containing Fly Ash Using Fuzzy Logic Inference System},
	  author    = {O. Belalia Douma and  B. Boukhatem and  M. Ghrici},
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	  abstract     = {Self-compacting concrete (SCC) developed in Japan
in the late 80s has enabled the construction industry to reduce
demand on the resources, improve the work condition and also
reduce the impact of environment by elimination of the need for
compaction. Fuzzy logic (FL) approaches has recently been used to
model some of the human activities in many areas of civil
engineering applications. Especially from these systems in the model
experimental studies, very good results have been obtained. In the
present study, a model for predicting compressive strength of SCC
containing various proportions of fly ash, as partial replacement of
cement has been developed by using Fuzzy Inference System (FIS).
For the purpose of building this model, a database of experimental
data were gathered from the literature and used for training and
testing the model. The used data as the inputs of fuzzy logic models
are arranged in a format of five parameters that cover the total binder
content, fly ash replacement percentage, water content,
superplasticizer and age of specimens. The training and testing results
in the fuzzy logic model have shown a strong potential for predicting
the compressive strength of SCC containing fly ash in the considered
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