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	  abstract     = {Two types of glass fibers having different lengths
(1/16" and 1/32") were added into rigid PVC foams to enhance the
dimensional stability of extruded rigid Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
foam at different concentrations (0-20 phr) using a single screw
profile extruder. PVC foam-glass fiber composites (PVC-GF) were
characterized for their dimensional stability, structural, thermal, and
mechanical properties. Experimental results show that the
dimensional stability, heat resistance, and storage modulus were
enhanced without compromising the tensile and flexural strengths of
the composites. Overall, foam composites which were prepared with
longer glass fibers exhibit better mechanical and thermal properties
than those prepared with shorter glass fibers due to higher
interlocking between the fibers and the foam cells, which result in
better load distribution in the matrix.
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