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	  abstract     = {Enterprise Architecture (EA) Implementation
Methodologies have become an important part of EA projects.
Several implementation methodologies have been proposed, as a
theoretical and practical approach, to facilitate and support the
development of EA within an enterprise. A significant question when
facing the starting of EA implementation is deciding which
methodology to utilize. In order to answer this question, a framework
with several criteria is applied in this paper for the comparative
analysis of existing EA implementation methodologies. Five EA
implementation methodologies including: EAP, TOGAF, DODAF,
Gartner, and FEA are selected in order to compare with proposed
framework. The results of the comparison indicate that those
methodologies have not reached a sufficient maturity as whole due to
lack of consideration on requirement management, maintenance,
continuum, and complexities in their process. The framework has
also ability for the evaluation of any kind of EA implementation
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