@article{(Open Science Index):https://publications.waset.org/pdf/10000074,
	  title     = {Multiplayer Game System for Therapeutic Exercise in Which Players with Different Athletic Abilities Can Participate on an Even Competitive Footing},
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	  abstract     = {Sports games conducted as a group are a form of
therapeutic exercise for aged people with decreased strength and for
people suffering from permanent damage of stroke and other
conditions. However, it is difficult for patients with different athletic
abilities to play a game on an equal footing. This study specifically
examines a computer video game designed for therapeutic exercise,
and a game system with support given depending on athletic ability.
Thereby, anyone playing the game can participate equally. This
video-game, to be specific, is a popular variant of balloon volleyball,
in which players hit a balloon by hand before it falls to the floor. In this
game system, each player plays the game watching a monitor on which
the system displays tailor-made video-game images adjusted to the
person’s athletic ability, providing players with player-adaptive assist
support. We have developed a multiplayer game system with an image
generation technique for the tailor-made video-game and conducted
tests to evaluate it.
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