Assoc. Prof. Dr. davide la torre

Committee: International Scientific Committee of Humanities and Social Sciences
University: University of Milan
Department: Department of Economics, Business and Statistics
Research Fields: Fractal analysis, image analysis, economic growth.


1 Media Planning Decisions and Preferences through a Goal Programming Model: An Application to a Media Campaign for a Mature Product in Italy

Authors: davide la torre, Cinzia Colapinto


Goal Programming (GP) and its variants were applied to marketing and specific marketing issues, such as media scheduling problems in the last decades. The concept of satisfaction functions has been widely utilized in the GP model to explicitly integrate the Decision-Maker’s preferences. These preferences can be guided by the available information regarding the decision-making situation. A GP model with satisfaction functions for media planning decisions is proposed and then illustrated through a case study related to a marketing/media campaign in the Italian market.

Keywords: Tourism Management, Media Planning, Goal Programming, satisfaction functions

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