Camila Lima


1 Identify the Renewable Energy Potential through Sustainability Indicators and Multicriteria Analysis

Authors: Patricia Teixeira Leite Asano, Camila Lima, Murilo Andrade Valle


The growth in demand for electricity, caused by human development, depletion and environmental impacts caused by traditional sources of electricity generation have made new energy sources are increasingly encouraged and necessary for companies in the electricity sector. Based on this scenario, this paper assesses the negative environmental impacts associated with thermoelectric power plants in Brazil, pointing out the importance of using renewable energy sources, reducing environmental aggression. This article points out the existence of an energy alternative, wind energy, of the municipalities of São Paulo, represented by georeferenced maps with the help of GIS, using as a premise the indicators of sustainability and multicriteria analysis in the decision-making process.

Keywords: Wind energy, Sustainability, multicriteria analysis, GIS (geographic information systems)

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